🟑License and Acknowledgements

License and Acknowledgements

I have curated these resources and guides with one clear objective: to strengthen the Data Champion Program at reNEW, emphasizing Research Data Management. Every piece of content is thoughtfully crafted to provide a thorough and immersive learning experience. They showcase strategic infographics and insights, all tailored to enhance your understanding and deliver more profound insights into the subject matter.

I am committed to ensuring the content of this website accurately mirrors the most recent policy updates, advancements in support and services, and valuable feedback from our users. As part of our ongoing endeavor for excellence, certain documents are still in the process of refinement. Your assistance in identifying inaccuracies or omissions would be highly valued, as it helps us maintain the highest information accuracy and reliability.

Please don't hesitate to contact Richard Dennis, Research Consultant - Data Steward. We value your input and thank you for your visit.

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